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NoCode Magazine enabling nontech builders and citizen developers

a team of NoCode enthusiasts who created a space for all the NoCode, LowCode, Visual Development and Citizen Developer news, insights and trends. We are product/tool agnostic and just want to see the entire industry develop and reach a larger audience. We start of as a digital magazine and hope to be the source of truth very soon for all things NoCode.

An invitation to all Non-Technical Founders and Citizen Developers to join us as we explore this space.

Largest NoCode Digital Magazine in the World
Consulting with NoCode startups to grow
10K plus Social audience, 5K monthly visits


Understanding the latest happening in SaaS

What we see in the market when it comes to SaaS startups and companies is a rush for becoming a bigger and broader company. We at SaaS Journal firmly believe that innovation happens at the smaller companies cos that is where the hunger is. SaaS Journal is an attempt to bring all kinds of voices within the SaaS space to the forefront. We don't care what your last raise was or what unicorn or decacorn status your company has achieved.

Come explore the vast and unbridled world of SaaS with us

Extended writeups on what works in being successful in SaaS
Founder stories to motivate and pull up new SaaS Founders
3K Social Audience and 1K website vistors


We have worked with some amazing companies around the world

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We worked with the team to get a better understanding of the market projections and competition and decipher our product roadmap

Juan CW

Founder, NoCode Platform

We will surely work with the SaaSJournal team again. We got the perfect audience for our Analytics tool and get quick feedback from the controlled cohort. 

Shanti N

Product Manager, Developer Analytics 

Launched our offer for just the FB Group audience and had a good conversion rate. 

Meihui Zhao

Love to read the deep dives into some of the NoCode companies which always gives me a better understanding of the tool before I start tinkering with it.

Asma Shiekh

Product Manager & Angel Investor

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